Prague happy ending – do you know where to get one? We do and are willing to share the secret!

For the curious adventures eager to receive a proper Prague happy ending, there are places in which they can treat themselves not just to that, but to an exquisite body massage to go with it. These places are the so-called erotic massage parlours and you can find many of them in the city. How do they work? We’ll be glad to explain.

Prague happy ending is not related to actual prostitution

You might have previously heard of erotic massage parlours – perhaps even in hushed tones. But in reality, these places are nothing illegal, and bear little resemblance to actual brothels. You should definitely learn to distinguish between the two. Erotic massage parlours don’t sell direct sex under any circumstances and limit the scope of erotic services provided to the “happy ending”, achieved only by hand stimulation. Unlike brothels, they don’t break the Czech law. Organised prostitution like running a brothel is illegal in the country, while individual soliciting is permitted. This may change in the future, with the EU seemingly more intent on clamping down on prostitution. Whether this will affect erotic massage parlours as well is debatable, but most likely, it will not.

So what do these places actually offer?

Well, the “massage” part is no understatement. All, at least most of these places, offer a variety of rubdowns, ranging from the conservative, Swedish type of massage, all the way to the adventurous BDSM massages. What do they have in common is precisely the happy ending we’re talking about here. Typically, you will find the following massages on the offer of most of the salons of this type:

  •   Classical erotic. Similar to the Swedish rubdown you might be the most acquainted with, but with an erotic appendage on top.
  •   Tantric. This one is a result of the coalescence of modern and ancient Indian physiotherapeutic art. Trying a tantric treatment can be a very powerful experience that is highly recommended to try at least once. It can often come in a shortened version known as yoni/lingam, which focuses primarily on the erogenous parts instead of the whole body.
  •   Nuru. The fabled body to body massage. Two naked bodies in close contacts, enabled by the ample use of a special nuru seaweed gel.
  •   BDSM or dominance – A treat for those with these inclinations or fetishes. A raunchy roleplay with some moderate BDSM elements.
  •   Lomi Lomi. Originally a Hawaiian procedure that relies on the skilful use of hands, wrists, forearms and elbows and has great relaxing properties.

Is it a man only thing?

While some salons may cater solely to the male clientele, you’ll find that most of them are open to both genders, and some even offer gay, lesbian and couple massages. Now that the stigma of women’s sexuality is waning and it turns out both genders experience erotic desire to almost the same degree, erotic services aimed at women are undergoing something of a renaissance these days. Sensual massages being no exception.

How does one make a booking?

Booking is typically done via phone or email. Direct, unannounced visit is sometimes possible, however, it’s always preferable to make your visit known first – otherwise there may be no one available to cater to you at the moment. Most parlours also offer an escort option – if you wish to keep it discreet, this might be just the thing for you.

Do you get to choose your therapist?

Yes. The parlour will have a gallery of masseuses an masseurs to pick from.

What about the language barrier?

You don’t have to speak a word of Czech – some of the girls and guys there may not be Czech themselves. English is the lingua franca of these types of places.

And what about the costs and payment methods?

The rule of thumb is that cash is king – better make sure you have the correct amount at your disposal at all times – oh, and tipping is always welcome as well!

Now you should have a much better overview of the “happy ending” places question in Prague – put it to good use!

What’s your opinion on getting a happy ending massage while being in a relationship? Cheating or therapy? Which of the massages we’ve listed would you be tempted to try? Discuss in the comments below!